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Mulrines Irish Orchards

Irelands Largest Private Orchard

Mulrines Irish Orchards

Developed in 2014, Mulrines Irish Orchards is located in the majestic countryside in Co Kildare. A total of 289 acres spread over two sites located in Porterstown and Rathbane Co Kildare.

The orchard is the home to approximately 135,500 trees made up of different apple varieties including Cox La Vera, Malus D’Red Jona Prince Wilton, Malus D’Cevaal Jona Prince Wilton, Golden Delicious, Ida Red, and Malus Elstar.

We are the only scale producer in either Ireland or the UK that is fully vertically integrated, in that we grow our own fruit, process it ourselves and then sell the finished juice. It is part of our strategy to become increasingly self-sufficient as well as controlling the quality and supply of our products from orchard to glass.

We at Mulrines hope that our customers are as pleased as we are to be enjoying 100% pure Irish juice and we take pride in the fact that we are an Irish company handling every step of the process from harvesting the fruit in Kildare to bottling the juice in Donegal embracing the grove to glass concept and produce a 100% Irish fruit juice

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From Orchard to Glass

Our orchards in Kildare allow us to harvest our own range of apples, which are then transported to our manufacturing facility in Donegal, where we produce the finest quality apple juice.

Watch our short video to get an overview of the process.

Browse some images of our County Kildare orchards, covering 289 acres, with 135,500 trees of various types of apples

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